Need to send a thank you or birthday card to your dear friend, but don’t have something on hand? Do you want to keep in touch with your friends and family in a more personal way rather than just texts and emails?

There’s something endearing and cozy about good old fashioned snail mail. Getting a handwritten note in the mail means a hundred times more than a quick text or email. I’m all for technology and how it helps our lives today, but nothing can replace the excitement of seeing the postman arrive with a stack of pretty letters just for you!

That’s why I started Happy Print Club, my line of printable stationery designs. So you’ll always have the right card to send to a friend, for any occasion –
ready to print from the comfort of your own home.


Each design set not only includes a greeting card design, but sentiment-free notecards, journaling cards, stationery writing sets and patterned paper. It’s really for anyone who loves pretty stationery and papercrafting.

My hope is to create happy pretty things that I can share with others. It’s all about encouraging creativity and connection. Because that’s what this life is all about!


My name is Linda Tieu and I’m the creator of Happy Print Club. I’m a professional graphic and web designer working from the Tuscan hills of Italy. I left my home in Los Angeles years ago, quitting my corporate job and moving to Italy to marry the love of my life. Sounds like a happily ever after kind of thing, huh? Well, I did start a brand new chapter of my very own fairytale storybook, but there’s more that happens after you find “the one.” Turns out even regular everyday life can be pretty exciting, eventful and rollercoastery scary – all at the same time. I think that’s what makes it all so amazing.

Living far away from my friends and family has been difficult though and I constantly yearn for connection. I started to pursue my creative passions and ultimately wanted to combine my love for paper and pixels into something that would spread happiness and invite connection. And that is how Happy Print Club came to be. With a baby strapped to my side and sometimes designing and typing with one hand only, I plow forward with my dreams because it feels great to do so.

It’s a crazy busy life of a mom with two kids and a furbaby – and I always say that motherhood kicks my butt every single day – but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Despite all that is going on, I still find time to sit down, write some heartfelt words and send snail mail to my loved ones, because it matters. It makes a difference in this crazy busy world we live in.


With digital designs, you can print as many copies as you need, whenever you need them. That’s why I love printables so much.

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