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Moving forward Happy Print Club will be releasing 5×7″ Greeting Card designs to give you the maximum flexibility. You can print cards “Actual Size” for this measurement or size it down by percentage to fit your needs.

I know that often we have a lot of envelopes lying around to use or we might be including cards with gifts or other packages without the need for an envelope. So I’ve decided to post an envelope template with envelope liner guide, so you can make custom matching envelopes to cards only when needed.

Just print out the envelope template PDF below and remember to print “Actual Size” if you want to fit a large 5×7″ card. If you printer cuts off part of side flaps, do not worry, just trim and use all the way to the edge of your paper size. You’ll still have a perfectly working envelope.

For the envelope liner, I’ve included the guide so you can print along with the envelope template. The liner guide shows you where to crease, so you can apply adhesive only to the top portion that attaches to the envelope top flap. The rest of the paper should be loose in the envelope, making opening and closing of the envelope smooth and without glue wrinkles.

Now that you have a template, you can use any of the patterned designs to create custom envelopes for any occasion and to match any card. Enjoy!


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