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thinking of you floral frame stationery printables

Springtime always makes me long for colorful florals, so that is what inspired this floral frame stationery printable design.

When creating designs, I often can’t decide what colors to stick with, so this time around there are 3 different 5×7 card color designs to choose from. There’s the full color version I started with, but I decided to also offer an all light blue and all light pink version as well. This way, you can send the thinking of you sentiment out in multiple color variations, depending on the occasion and how you are feeling.

I really love this intricate floral frame design, made up of tiny little floral and nature doodles. Each of the small pieces is super simple in design, but putting it all together and intricately weaving it into a general design, makes it a great piece that looks super detailed. It goes to show that everything, no matter how intricate is made up of simple foundational pieces. I love the analogy of this design for that fact!

You can use the thinking of you sentiment cards in multiple colors to send out everyday greetings to your friends and family. But there are also the blank notecards to use for general notes, a mix of journaling cards, stationery paper writing sets and patterned paper for crafting with. I can already imagine all kinds of papercrafting projects with this floral frame design, so I hope you are inspired as well!

What will you create with all these floral frame stationery printables today?

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Printables include:

  • Envelope and Stationery Paper (blank and lined versions)
  • 5×7″ greeting card
  • Quick notecard design
  • Two 4×6″ and two 3×4″ journaling/decorative cards
  • 12×12″ patterned paper design

floral frame stationery printables on happyprintclub.com

HappyPrintClub.com - Floral Frame Stationery Printables

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