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This might be the most non-traditional wedding card ever, but I love the cute lobster character making a forever heart with his claws. I’m sure you might have heard the urban legend that lobsters mate for life? (Cue the opening of friends and Phoebe explaining this phenomenon to all!) Whether it’s true or not, I thought it was an adorable idea for a wedding greeting card. Even if anatomically, I don’t think a lobster can even be in this position with his claws, that’s the power of illustration, because we can just go with our imaginations and draw it! I’m sure your newlywed friends will love this quirky card, because it’s unique and the heart means… it’s forever!

In addition, you can use the quick notecards for everyday love notes, along with the patterned paper and journaling cards, all themed around the lobster claw heart!

Happy printing!

Printables include:

  • 5×7″ greeting card
  • Quick notecard design
  • Two 4×6″ and two 3×4″ journaling/decorative cards
  • 12×12″ patterned paper design

Happy Print Club used to be a library of printables available to members only. However, moving forward all designs will be converted and available for purchase separately in my Etsy shop only.  Hop on over to my Etsy shop here >> ---

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