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Fortuna Stationery Printables

For art lovers who appreciate a super lush pop of color, fortuna stationery printables is like having amazing mixed media artwork at your fingertips!

The vintage paper collage design was quite a popular download, so I thought it was time to try something different again, rather than straight illustration.  I think it goes to show that many forms of artwork can be used as beautiful stationery. Fortuna is what I call these mixed media pieces made from acrylic paint, red sewing thread, black and metallic inks and collaged lucky number Italian papers. The thought was the explore the idea of luck – hence the name fortuna.

I think we can certainly get lucky sometimes, but we also give ourselves better odds by putting ourselves out there enough times. So truly, luck can be “made” – don’t you think?

With a super bright pops of pinks and purples against delicate white washes and vintage paper collage, this set of stationery printables is great for any one that appreciates fine art and mixed media textures. I’ve also included two different paper designs, so that you can play around with paint splatters and mixed media texture, minus the mess! As well as collage little bits and pieces of this artwork series.

I hope you will enjoy all these printable goodies. What will you create with these beautiful textures and designs?

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Printables include:

  • Envelope and Stationery Paper (blank and lined versions)
  • 5×7″ greeting card
  • Quick notecard design
  • Two 4×6″ and two 3×4″ journaling/decorative cards
  • 12×12″ patterned paper design

Fortuna Stationery Printables for HappyPrintClub.com

HappyPrintClub.com - Fortuna Stationery Printables

Happy Print Club used to be a library of printables available to members only. However, moving forward all designs will be converted and available for purchase separately in my Etsy shop only.  Hop on over to my Etsy shop here >> ---

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