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Previously, I posted a thank you notecard printable and realizing how easy to use the format is, I wanted to add another today – a cute little girl to say “hi there” that works for many occasions. The notecard format is super easy, since you just print on your paper size and cut right in half, then you already have two folded cards ready to use. Easy peasy!

From a design perspective, I’ve included the full-color background as well as white background, in case you have trouble printing borderless and don’t want to deal with trimming the white edges around your paper. The whole point is to have a quick and easy option after all.

I hope you will try this notecard format and let me know what you think. Just print, cut and fold. You can create a bunch of these to make as a stationery gift or keep a stash to be ready to send out notes anytime. Enjoy this bonus printable!

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