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lets go bananas stationery printables

Inspired by the happy or sad banana idea, here’s a set of go bananas stationery printables for some encouragement and laughs!

I was intrigued by the happy and sad banana idea, when you hold it up a certain way, it’s a happy smile shape, but if you turn it around, it’s a frown. So it’a really all about perspective and how you want to see things… a great analogy for life and all it’s challenges, right?

So I decided to great a sketchy banana design, for a bit of comic relief and light-hearted stationery. You can definitely send the “let’s go bananas” card for all sorts of occasions or the happy and sad banana choice notecard. It’s encouragement, but in a comical way!

Often we can’t change some of the aspects of our lives, but we can certain change our perspective and how we deal with the issues. So this is a great set of stationery to remind your loved ones of that fact… and just a laid back design for a few laughs!

I hope you enjoy these sketchy, watercolored banana illustrations, in a repeating paper design and lots of happy yellow, mustard colors for the printables.

I hope you will enjoy using these banana designs for your next piece of correspondence. What will you create next?

Do you like this set of stationery printables? Keep a look out for the new releases every single week. In the meantime, check out the entire member library of past releases as well.

Printables include:

  • Envelope and Stationery Paper (blank and lined versions)
  • 5×7″ greeting card
  • Quick notecard design
  • Two 4×6″ and two 3×4″ journaling/decorative cards
  • 12×12″ patterned paper designs

lets go bananas stationery printables on happyprintclub.com

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