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Lily Valley stationery printables

Think into the woods, dewy green meadows and royal castles. That’s the landscape that lily of the valley flowers are often found and it is such a pretty woodland plant, only deadly and poisonous! How about a much less dangerous option of using lily of the valley flowers for pretty stationery?

Although Lily of the Valley often symbolizes humility, chastity, sweetness, and purity… often for little girls and feminine designs, I thought it would be nice to take a different approach and make it royal. It’s interesting that lily of the valley is such a lovely flowering woodland plant, yet poisonous in all its parts.

I decided to use a mustard royal color to match up with the greens of the plant and some royal purple hues as well. I think it’s a great design that can be masculine and feminine at the same time.

For anyone who loves nature, this is a great set of stationery printables to use. As a patterned design, you can add your own sentiment to the greeting card or just write a nice letter to a friend on the inside. There are coordinating writing papers and envelope, notecards, journaling cards and 12×12 patterned paper for crafting.

I hope you will enjoy this set of lily of the valley stationery printables and incorporate them into your next creative project.

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Printables include:

  • Envelope and Stationery Paper (blank and lined versions)
  • 5×7″ greeting card
  • Quick notecard design
  • Two 4×6″ and two 3×4″ journaling/decorative cards
  • 12×12″ patterned paper designs

Lily of the valley stationery printables on happyprintclub.com

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