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Happy Print Club is a library of stationery printables for snail mail devotees, letter writers, card senders and pen pal aficionados.

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Let’s be honest. Sending a handwritten note is the next best thing to visiting someone personally! Your tangible message travels across the world to your recipient and creates an instant connection and bond that no electronic message can make or ever replace…


I would recommend it to a friend who I know loves writing. I have a number of friends who like to send cards and write letters, and nice designs encourages one to pick up the pen and reach out to a friend! It’s a gentle prompt to reconnect with friends in a slow, thoughtful manner.


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Living in Italy, a continent away from my friends and family in the USA means that I constantly yearn for connection. I fell in love with the old fashioned art of letter writing because I wanted to send my parents printed photos of my family and experiences here in Europe. Since my parents are never online, my only choice was snail mail. However, I soon found the task to be a delight and realized even my techy saavy friends appreciated good ‘ole fashioned snail mail.

I find the act of writing letters to be a relaxing and meditative process and also discovered a whole community of letter-enthusiasts online, enthralled with the tantalizing process of written correspondence.

Following my heart, I started to create my own designs to print as greeting cards to friends and stationery printables for all the various occasions of letter writing. That is how it all started for me and fast forward to today – Happy Print Club is now a whole library of printable designs with a new release every single week. Write more letters, right?

I’m amazed by the quality and style of the digital cards… sometimes as a papercrafter, I get busy and when I need a card I can go to Happy Print Club. I can print nice and beautiful cards in seconds and get it ready in a minute! I recommend you try Happy Print Club. You will love it!


Do you consider yourself a stationery lover aka pretty paper junkie?

Do the words snail mail, letter writing and pen pals make you perk up and itch for a writing utensil?

Do you enjoy sending out greeting cards for all occasions and including pretty little notes with packages?

I’m thinking sometimes you’ll  find yourself hoarding favorite papers and envelopes, not sure if you want to keep them to yourself or actually use them?

If you can relate to any of the above, I’ll say that Happy Print Club is definitely for YOU! The library of designs will be your digital stationery paradise. Are you excited to print some pretty designs and break out the fountain pen for a dose of letter writing fun!?

Printable stationery for penpal letterwriters and stationery lovers.
Printable stationery designs for snail mail and happy mail lovers.

I like the cute, fun and versatile designs… you can use them for a lot of occasions and projects. I would tell my friend that you can use the designs for all kinds of projects from stationery, card making, scrapbooking, planners and more. Designs are easy to download and print right at home. You can also print as much as you need!


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You’ll never run out of a favorite design when you have the digital files to print, time and time again. Use your home printer or visit your local print shop for professional services.

With an entire library of designs at your disposal, you can quickly look through all your options and find just the right design for your particular occasion.

You can choose to use a greeting card, notecard, tag, decorative paper or stationery paper – with a whole set of printables at your disposal, you’ll always have coordinating and themed stationery to send out. That’s letter writing in style, right?

New designs are added to the library every single week on Fridays, so you’ll also have a weekly reminder to send more mail. Download, print, write – send! It’s definitely TGIF every single week!

I love Fridays when new releases come out because then I can relax and do something I enjoy!


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Benefits of Happy Print Club:

  • unlimited downloads and unlimited printing, no one will ever be able to stop your written correspondence tendencies 🙂
  • save time and gas, no need to run to the store to pick up stationery, you have a whole shop at your fingertips 24/7
  • save money, you can print multiple copies of a favorite design over and over again for the price of a few sheets of paper.
  • send more mail, because there are weekly releases you will be reminded and encouraged to send out that birthday card and reply to your pals – who can resist when there is cute stationery waiting to be used?
  • make gifts of stationery by printing more copies and making happy mail gifts – your paper loving friends will definitely appreciate it!
  • reduce clutter, it’s all on your computer
  • save space, print only what you need

Happy Print Club membership includes:

  • access to ALL designs in the member library
  • high quality printable PDF and unique designs by yours truly
  • new design releases every single week
  • unlimited downloading and printing. there are no limits or restrictions
  • instant access, 24/7 you will have a unique username and password to this website
  • help and support from yours truly – I’m a graphic designer who’s mission is to provide the pretty paper designs for your snail mailing love affair! I’m a paper match-maker and nurturer 🙂
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Affordability – Variety – Stationery Love


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For just $8, you will get instant access to the entire library of digital downloads.

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Linda Tieu creator of

Hello fellow letter writer! My name is Linda and I love to design and enjoy creating printable stationery. I’m all for technology and can sometimes geek out on all the new gadgets available today. I know that advancements in technology can help improve our lives but nothing can replace the excitement of seeing the postman arrive with a stack of pretty letters from dear friends.  I decided to use technology to help me get back to pen and paper – funny, right?

With my graphic design and illustration skills, I’m able to create stationery with fancy design programs then share it digitally online – so we can all have access aka Happy Print Club. With home printers being commonplace devices nowadays, you can print your own stationery to write more letters. Or you can always take the files to your local print shop. Easy peasy!

I believe that writing letters can make a positive difference in this world, even though it might seem like such a small gesture. Let me share with you why I think writing is so important.

What seemed to be a lost art – handwritten anything is making a huge comeback. It’s an artform that will carry on no matter what.

There is an intimacy and powerful connection in sending a written letter. Technology can never replace that.

From paper planners to traveler’s notebooks to the traditional journal. Pen to paper will always be the most natural way for us to record our thoughts, write our feelings and share our point and view and emotions.

Taking the time to slow down and write a handwritten letter also gives you a break from the technology and fast-paced daily grind of our lives today. Putting pen to paper is therapeutic for you.

And you pass on that caring feeling to your recipient, when they receive your letter in their mailbox.

All these little gestures of goodness, add up and make this world a better place. Understanding, connection and love.

So might I be so bold to suggest that it’s my mission to use my design powers to change lives, one stationery printable at a time.

Write often and see the change.

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