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Happy Valentine’s and in celebration of this lovey dovey holiday, I wanted to try out an experimental freebie. I created a simple and clean thank you card with a neutral heart design that works for all occasions. I wanted to test out this notecard format of two folded cards per sheet of paper, so you just print, cut in half, fold and wah-lah – notecards done! It’s foolproof and super quick so you can make them in bulk.

Usually I design the greeting card to be much larger and it’s great when you want something more substantial and when it’s going through the postal system to include with a gift or to include goodies or photos inside the envelope. But I realize there are many occasions that might not need such a large card and you don’t want to waste the paper in all the trimming even if you size down your prints. I thought this notecard approach might actually work better in the long run, because you save paper and can get cards prepared easily.

I hope you will try this notecard format out and let me know what you think. You can print on both Letter or A4 sized paper depending where in the world you live and it’s already formatted properly. Just print, cut, fold and send out some thank yous!

Free download for everyone as an experiment – Download links for printables below. Enjoy!


Spread the love